James Comer Forgot Who The Enemy Is In Ukraine

Whereas disparaging President Biden and his household, Republican Chairman James Comer instructed the Fox Enterprise host Maria Bartiromo that Ukraine is a United States adversary.

Comer was on to hyperventilate and perpetuate his many unproven claims of Biden corruption with out a shred of proof as a result of he cannot receive precise proof, as a result of there is no such thing as a corruption.

“The Biden attorneys, the Biden authorized workforce, they’re intimidating each financial institution,” he whined. “They’re intimidating each witness that we’ve.”

That is why so many whistleblowers have vanished, or been uncovered as frauds.

Then, Comer claimed then-Vice President Biden was paid off by a number of different nations.

Now we’re targeted on Ukraine. We’re targeted on Russia. We’re targeted on just a few new nations that I do not suppose anyone knew about that we’re beginning to notice that they had been receiving cash from.

All these nations are adversaries of the US. All these nations are nations which have reputations for corruption. However but the Bidens had been sitting there with their hand out.

Ukraine was an adversary to Donald Trump as a result of they refused to take part in U.S. election fraud by giving Rudy Giuliani damaging data towards Hunter Biden and his father.

Since President Zelenskyy didn’t take part in that treasonous charade, it in the end led to the primary Trump impeachment.

Most of this nation and the world have rushed to Ukraine’s help towards a murderous and unhinged Russia.

Comer will not be doing the state of Kentucky any favors since he virtually at all times sticks his foot in his mouth. If he cannot even determine the true adversary, he is too dumb to serve in Congress.

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