Stacey Plaskett Brutally Exposes Jim Jordan During RFK Jr. Hearing

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) the highest Democrat on the Weaponization subcommittee referred to as out Chair Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) use of the committee to power social media corporations to advertise conspiracy theories to assist Trump.


Plaskett stated:

 If Maga Republicans agree with you. You’re given a platform to unfold any conspiracy theories, regardless of how dangerous and in the event that they disagree with you, you get loss of life threats till you must go away. These people have a plan. They need to power social media corporations to advertise conspiracy theories as a result of they suppose that’s the one manner their candidate can win the 2024 election.

They need to bully the specialists into abandoning their work on disinformation to pave the best way they need to give expression to probably the most vile supply of speech right here on this committee room. As a result of it prepares the bottom for their very own conspiracy theories and apparently don’t care how many individuals are damage or die as a consequence of their actions, both via lies about vaccines or threats to the protection of witnesses, as a result of nothing is extra vital to them than energy.

Jim Jordan and Home Republicans are utilizing the subcommittee that they created to power social media to advertise conspiracy theories to assist Donald Trump. The purpose is to recreate the identical social media surroundings that existed in 2016 which is able to enable Trump, Republicans, and hostile overseas governments like Russia to unfold lies and misinformation that may assist the GOP win in 2024.

Kevin McCarthy has admitted that the purpose of the weaponization subcommittee is to assist Trump. 

The hearings are a farce. The one censorship that Republicans are focused on is the boundaries that stop them from spreading lies and misinformation.

Jordan is making an attempt to pave the best way for Trump in 2024, and Rep. Plaskett referred to as him out.

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